JFNK Volunteer Meeting

On Feb 23, 2019 at Cafe Hebrews



Date & Place : 2:30-5:00PM, February  23, 2019 @Cafe Hebrews (Dongin Building 10F, near sinchon exit 7)

Participants : Peter Jung, Haesol Jeon, David Shin, Aaron(USA), Nicola(AUS), Nayoon(Jap-USA-Kor)

-JFNK Foreign Volunteers (New Members) : Danielle (British/Sejong), Carina (USA/Gimpo), Michelle (Mexico) & Her Friends (USA, Poland)

-ZAKAR Korea (Arts, Youth Group)


OBJECTIVES of the Meeting

  1. Self-introduction & fellowship
  2. Introduce JFNK activities & study materials
  3. Sharing about TED workshop & Role assignment


Study Resources (Materials)

  1. UN <COI Report> – 2014.2, published by UN; Conclusion & Recommendation part – Korean version published by JFNK; Summary video made by ICNK (Youtube)
  2. JFNK <the Persecution> -written by Hi-tae Kim & Peter Jung
  3. ZAKAR KOREA Events (2018.11.25~12.15) – zakarkorea.com (Korean blog: blog.naver.com/zakarkorea, English Blog: zakarkorea.blogspot.com)
  4. Screening Events in 2018 – <On the border>, <Kimjongilia>, <Under the Sun>
  5. Articles : 당의 유일적 령도체계 확립의 10대 원칙(ten principles), 정치범수용소 및 기타구금시설(kwanliso & prisons in North Korea), 탈북난민(refugees) 관련기사


TED workshop (on March 23) – Extra sheet

  1. Event Title : JFNK 1st V-TED Workshop (North Korea Human Rights, in the eyes of volunteers)
  2. Date & Place: 2-5pm (Sat) March 23, 2019 @cafe Hebrews
  3. Participants: Foreigners & Koreans, those who are interested in NKHR
  4. Online Registration is necessary (up to 25) https://goo.gl/forms/EQSCp7qenRLns2ix1
  5. Entrance Fee: 5,000 won (coffee is included)
  6. Volunteer Role: SNS Sharing, Personal Invitation, Video, Photo, Small group assist
  7. Small Group Activities: Street Campaign, Campus Outreach, Media & Arts, R&D etc



 *Meeting Place Map (Address: 서울특별시 마포구 서강로 144 동인빌딩 10F)