In recent months, Justice for North Korea held special screenings in Seoul and Geneva of the new movie about the North Korean underground church entitled “Apostle” (신이보낸사람). In the movie, the protagonist Chul-ho and his wife are hauled away to a detention camp, while accused as first degree political criminals. Although Chul-ho had managed to cross into China, he returns to North Korea alone in order to fulfill a promise to his wife: take the other members of their underground church to South Korea. The underground church members must decide whether they can afford to trust Chul-ho or remain in North Korea under the severe government persecution. Amidst preparations to take the church to South Korea, Chul-ho falls under suspicion once again, while the State Security Agency gets closer and closer to discovering the truth. Justice for North Korea is proud to support the film, and works to support and encourage the North Korean underground church.