2016 is upon us, and it’s time to take a look back on the year 2015.

Our Street Campaigns started on March 7 and continued until November 28. Conducting nine campaigns, we raised awareness of the crisis and collected about a million won to help rescue North Korean refugees. Last year, we also carried out Street Campaigns in Vienna, Austria on August 14-15 and in Paris, France on August 17-18.

We had two major fundraisers last year: our Fun Run Fundraiser on May 9 and our Christmas Fundraiser on December 11. Through these events, we were able to raise more than a million won to help rescue North Korean refugees.

We participated in three prayer meetings on March 23, June 29, and November 30. On these days, we joined with other groups from around Seoul to pray for North Korea.

We held free screenings of the films “A State of Mind” and “The Interview” on April 18.

Last year, we began a Special Lecture Series on North Korean Human Rights. North Korean defectors shared their testimonies on November 14 and December 19.

As always, we carried out multiple refugee rescues, bringing North Korean refugees safely to freedom.

Although we accomplished a great deal in 2015, our work is far from over. If you would like to help us continue our vital work, please visit http://www.justice4nk.org/en/volunteer-north-korean-human-rights/

We are pleased with all that we were able to accomplish in 2015, and we look forward to another great year in 2016.