JFNK – Crossing Three Borders

June 2019

Dear esteemed volunteers and supporters of JFNK,

Thank you for participating in the Justice Week programs!
I hope you enjoyed what we have prepared and gained perspectives and courage to stand for our North Korean brothers and sisters who are suffering serious human rights violations.

Our next street campaign will be on the 29th of June, Saturday, at 4 pm.
We will meet up at Sinchon subway station exit 2 as usual!
If you would like to participate in the campaign, you can just email us!

Hanbyeol Lee is a director at INKHR and Peter’s wife.
She was invited to speak at the United Nations OHCHR office in Seoul.
You can check out her interview below.

We made a new insta account! Follow us!
It’s a fledgling account. We need your help to get it going!

Thank you and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

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