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How Will My Donation Be Used?

Unless you specify otherwise, your donation will go into our shelter/rescue fund.  We send some of this money to a shelter in China for children, most of whom have a North Korean mother who has been forcibly repatriated and a Chinese father unable or unwilling to care for them.  We use the rest of this money to help North Korean refugees reach safety.  We also welcome donations for other purposes, such as to support our office and other operating and programs expenses.

Monthly and One-Time Donations

Monthly and one-time donations in any amount are welcome.  Following are ways you can make your donation.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

Via Paypal

Via Bank Transfer within Korea

Woori Bank (우리은행)
Account number: 1005-002-040639
Confirmation name: JFNK (북한정의연대)

Via Overseas Wire Transfer

Woori Bank (우리은행)
Account number: 1005-002-040639
Swift Code: HVBKKRSE (sometimes “XXX” may need to be appended to this)