• Kimjongilia (2009) – N.C. Heikin’s excellent film featuring many interviews with a variety refugees and defectors.
    • Official Selection 2009 Sundance Film Festival
    • Best Film 2010
      One World Festival Brussels & Human Rights and Democracy Network
  • On the Border (2008) – A South Korean documentary following North Korean refugees. Secretly filmed in China and several other countries.
  • Crossing (2008) – A South Korean movie based in part on various true stories about North Korean refugees.
  • Born and Raised in a Concentration Camp (2008) – a Google TechTalk with Shin Dong-hyuk




  • Witness to Transformation – written by economists Marcus Noland and Stephan Haggard, who have researched and written extensively about North Korea
  • Helping Hands Korea – written by Seoul-based activist Tim Peters
  • One Free Korea – Written by a former U.S. military lawyer who served in Seoul.  This site comes with lots of commentary (it is a blog, after all), but whether you agree or disagree with his political opinions, you will learn a lot from the posts and many of the commenters.