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The Basics

Justice for North Korea is a relatively small, all-volunteer group.

Those with special skills such as performers, translators, and graphic designers are in high demand, but the rest of us are warmly welcomed, too — somebody’s got to hand out fliers, update Facebook, research issues, take and upload photos, do data entry, etc.

Come out to a few events, introduce yourself, and see where you might fit in.  One tip on getting involved — we often get dinner together after the Saturday Insadong campaign or other meetings or events.  These are often good opportunities to get to know each other.

Tap Your Creative or Technical Side

  1. Performers, Writers, Artists – one of the best ways to reach people is through culture and the arts.  We need performers for our street campaigns and benefit concerts.  Musicians, singers, skit writers & actors, dancers, etc.
  2. Graphic Design – whether it’s for fliers, brochures, posters, or the web, this is often a need.

Translating and Interpretation

We often need Korean to English translation and sometimes English to Korean.  Also, if you are a native speaker of another language, we would love if you could translate some basic information about North Korean human rights into your language if we haven’t already.  Also, we occasionally need interpreters at events.

International Campaign

We firmly believe the North Korean human rights crisis is a problem that concerns all of humanity, not just the Korean peninsula or East Asia. You can get involved by helping us research, write, and organize letter campaigns, petitions, etc. We also need help networking with like-minded groups and activists in other countries.


Organize events like documentary screenings, speeches by defectors and activists, benefit concerts, etc.  Your role could be inviting us to speak to your school, church or group or coordinating things on behalf of JFNK.

The hardest part of holding an event is usually securing a good venue.  Please contact us if you know a good place we could hold an event.  The ideal venue is:

  • close to a subway and easy to give directions to
  • free or very cheap
  • the size depends on the event, but we generally need space for seminars of 15-30 people and screenings / speaker events for dozens to a few hundred.

We also are looking for a place that our dance team can practice. They need a wall with a large mirror to practice in front of.

Street Campaigning

“I think that the statement that you guys are making on the streets can awaken many people to the harsh reality to what is really happening in North Korea. And when people are moved, some are evoked to do something about it.~”

– Sarah, who emailed July 5, 2010, after seeing our campaign in Gangnam

1) Two Saturdays a month JFNK holds a street campaign, usually in Insadong.  We start at 3:00p.m., usually at or near the north end of Insadong (Anguk Station, exit 6).  We finish around 5:30p.m.

Unlike with some of our other activities, participating as a volunteer on the campaign requires little training or special skills and no additional time commitment; you can just show up as little or as often as you want.  You can help hand out fliers and, if you want, talk to people about why the human rights of North Koreans matter.

2) While we are still doing our monthly street campaigns in Insadong, we also want to create smaller more mobile teams that will focus on University street performance areas like Hongdae so we can reach a younger audience. If this is of interest to you, please see the form below.

English Teaching

While we do not have an English tutoring program ourselves, we are in contact with organizations that do.

1- You can e-mail Shirlen Hardeo at This program requires twice a month participation and they meet every Saturday at 12:45pm until 3:00pm. Let them know that you heard about them from Justice for North Korea.

2- You can e-mail Casey Lartigue at To join this program, you need to send Casey a resume that he can share with refugees in advance. After receiving a response from him, sign up at:

Then join the Facebook event page so you can easily keep track of updates or changes:

Finally, verify with him a day or two in advance, just to confirm that you haven’t forgotten any appointments.

Volunteer Information Form

If you would like to be added to our database of volunteers, please copy and paste the following form into an email, complete it, and send it to the address found on our contact page. Thank you.

Justice for North Korea
Volunteer Form

Date of Birth:
Location in Korea:
__ Seoul – indicate area (e.g., Sinchon):
__ Other:
Organization you work for/ University you Attend:
When do you plan to leave Korea?
Languages (including proficiency):

Average hours per week available to volunteer:

Please write a brief self-introduction (a few sentences is sufficient):

How did you become interested in North Korean Human Rights?

How did you first hear about JFNK?

Other comments or relevant experience:

Areas of Expertise / Interest (mark with an X; bold = areas where help is most needed; please elaborate or make comments as needed)
__     Accountancy
__     Acting
__     Administration
__     Art
__     Dancing
__     Playing an Instrument, Vocals
__     Film Making / Videos for Youtube
__     Journalism / Writing
__     Editing
__     English Tutoring
__     Event Organizing (documentary screenings, presentations, concerts, etc)
__     Fundraising: previous experience preferred, but not necessary.
__     Grant writing
__     Interpreting – Languages you can interpret:
__     IT / Web development: knowledge of WordPress and web maintenance preferred.
__     Graphic design
__     Public Relations / Marketing / Promoting
__     Translating (Korean to English)
__     Translating (English to Korean)
__     Translating other languages – Languages you can translate:
__ Other/Comments:

Which Department(s) of JFNK would you want to be part of?
__ English Tutoring
__ Events
__ Fundraising
__ General Administration
__ International Campaign (letter writing, petitioning Governments)
__ Media/Marketing/Promotion
__ Street Campaign (Performing, Speaking, Handing out fliers)
__ Translating/ Interpreting
__ Website Development